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2015 – Data Necklace of Good Night SMS


Paul Heinicker, a master student in interaction design at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam, created a data-driven necklace representing a long-distance relationship by sent "good night"-messages from him to his girlfriend. While visualising two years of message history, two diagonal opposing points of the rectangle constitute the starting points for both years. The ongoing sides in each case are coded to the days with and without good night SMS. In detail, the plain horizontal sides represent days spent together. The vertical sides illustrate the length of each of his SMS through the applied line graph. The necklace was then 3D printed using high-grade steel.

Source: Paul Heinicker (2015) good night sms

Added by: Paul Heinicker. Category: Passive physical visualization  Tags: 3d printing, data jewellery, data sculpture, gift, sms