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2014 – Data Strings: Physical Parallel Coordinates


During the SWAB International Contemporary Art Fair, the group of developers Domestic Data Streamers had the audience create a physical parallel coordinates visualization based on their demographic profile (social status, weight, etc.) and by answering a meaningless question on whether they choose a spoon or a fork.

Source: Domestic Data Streamers (2014) Data Strings. They have a range of other interesting physical visualization projects on their Web page.

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  2. Parallel Coordinates (||-coords) were developed by Alfred Inselberg starting in 1959. There is a textbook "Parallel Coordinates: Visual Multidimensional Coordinates and its Applications" (Springer 2009) which, among others, was praised by Stephen Hawking. The methodology is widely used to visualize and explore multivariate data (as in the example above) . There are many applications (with pattents) in Air Traffic Control, Decision Making, Process  Control etc.

    Enjoy — Alfred Inselberg