List of Physical Visualizations
and Related Artifacts

2015 – Passim: Visual Reconceptualisation of Spatial Theories


The master thesis of Paul Heinicker, Passim, visually reflects the humanistic discourse about space. The research of spatial theory led to four major notions how to think space from a sociopolitical perspective.

The installation explores the relationship of these four spatial notions by projecting visualisations of geopolitical data from the Heidelberg Institute for International Conflict Research onto the physical sculpture. Eventually, different world-views are created, that show how notions of space directly influence recent geopolitical events, like the refugee crisis, and how we can spatially rethink global political constellations.

Here the produced images are seen as counter drafts to previous imaginations about space. These visualisations do not clarify through simplification, but are an experimental approach of a visual research.

Sources: Paul Heinicker (2015) passim.