List of Physical Visualizations
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2011 – Sleep Patterns


Laurie Frick's Pokey Red is a physical visualization of sleep data over a month. Frick makes an interesting use of the physical support: in her visualization, periods of sleep of a lesser interest (light sleep) are folded up, giving more importance to the periods of quality sleep (coloured rectangles), while remaining integral part of the visualization. 

"Pokey Red" 12 in x 12 in, cut paper, watercolor and ink. Based on a month of sleep data, with the light sleep (aka trash sleep) periods folded up out of the way, and only deep, REM and awake periods remain. 2011

Source: Laurie Frick (2011) Pokey Red

Added by: Fanny Chevalier. Category: Passive physical visualization  Tags: paper, quantified slef, sleep, temporal data