List of Physical Visualizations
and Related Artifacts

Submit a physical visualization!

After a long hiatus due to technical issues, we’re back to accepting new submissions. For those who sent us content before, please note that the process has changed. The form looks again like it did in the early days of the site with one very important change:

After entering all data, a zip file is generated and downloaded on your computer. You then need to send this file to and we will add your entry to the list. If you do not do this last step, then we will never know that you intended to submit an entry.

If you sent something in the past and it hasn’t been added to the site yet, don’t hesitate to send it again using the new process. Thanks!

What are appropriate submissions? Although we try to be as inclusive as possible, by physical visualization we mean a data-driven physical artefact. So it has to be both physical (i.e., not exclusively rely on flat media like paper+ink or computer displays) and be data-driven (like common data visualizations – see the discussion here). We also include related artefacts that can help understand physical visualizations or can help create novel ones. We are especially seeking old/historical artefacts, as well as pragmatic artefacts, since these are much less common and relatively hard to find.

Please follow our instructions below for optimal formatting. Your submission will be processed more rapidly if you do. Thank you very much for your contribution!


You can click here to generate a pre-filled email, but you need to attach the generated file yourself!