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2012 – Dynamic Network Sculpture

A physical space-time cube representation of cultural heritage data. Source: Florian Windhager, Eva Mayr. Cultural Heritage Cube: A conceptual framework for visual exhibition exploration. IV '12.

Added by Yvonne Jansen, sent by Florian Windhager & Benjamin Bach. Category: Passive physical visualization. Tags: , ,
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2013 – Motion Structures: Videos as Space-Time Objects

Everardo Reyes-Garcia from Université Paris 13 turns video sequences into space-time shapes that can be 3D printed. The sculpture above represents 5 seconds of the opening theme of Game of Thrones. Also see our entry on Peter Jansen's sculptures. Source: Everardo Reyes-Garcia (2013) Motion Structures.

Added by Pierre Dragicevic, sent by Aurélien Tabard. Category: Physical model. Tags: , , , ,
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