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2016 – Thoughtforms: 3D-Printed Thoughts


Kellyann Geurts and In Dae Hwang, Monash University, give physical shape to thoughts by turning EEG data into solid objects. During three public events at Melbourne in 2016, she placed a mobile EEG device on volunteers and asked them to think of a memory or emotion of their choice. Their EEG output was translated in real time into a 3D shape they could see on a computer screen. Participants could then press a button to pause the shape and send it to a 3D printer. They were then invited to write a description of their thought, which was used to tag the 3D object.


  1. Kellyann Geurts and In Dae Hwang (2016) ThoughtForms | Visualize and 3D Print Your Thoughts. (with video)
  2. Kellyann Geurts (2018) Imagining Thought in Digital Space: 3D Printed Thoughts.
  3. Image #1 by Andrew Morley and image #2 by Kellyann Geurts.

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