List of Physical Visualizations
and Related Artifacts

2007 – Explosion of Sound Sculptures


In 2007-2008, sound became an endless source of inspiration for data sculptors. Examples include (images from left to right):

  1. Binaural by Daniel Widrig & Shajay Bhooshan (2007)
  2. Sound/Chair by Plummer Fernandez (2008)
  3. Sound Memory by Marius Watz (2008)
  4. Reflection by Andreas Nicolas Fischer & Benjamin Maus (2008)
  5. I Will Never Change by Us by Benga (2012)
  6. Microsonic Landscapes by Juan Manuel de J. Escalante (2012)
  7. The Shape of the Sound of the Shape of the Sound by Stephen Barrass (2012)
  8. Spectral Density Estimation by Andreas Nicolas Fischer (2013)
  9. Nightingale Bird Song by Yanying Huang (2014)

Added by: Pierre Dragicevic & Yvonne Jansen, sent by: Fanny Chevalier - Benjamin Bach. Category: Passive physical visualization  Tags: art, data sculpture, sound, sound sculpture, temporal data