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This page collects resources for teaching data physicalization. If you developed teaching material and want to list them here, please send the link and a short description to info@dataphys.org or, if you plan to contribute on a more regular basis to this wiki, just ask us for an account using the same address.

Teaching Material

Material which can be reused by others for their own teaching. All resources should indicate a license for reuse and give credit to those who created the material.

  • 2021 - Assignment on Personal Data Physicalization covering instructions for how to collect data, design constraints, and deliverables. This is part of a course given by Charles Perin at University of Victoria.
  • 2020 - A data physicalization assignment (assignment 3) in the context of the course Tangible & Physical HCI given by Lora Oehlberg at the University of Calgary.
  • 2016 – A set of cards providing constraints for a data physicalization exercise. CC-BY-4.0 Graphic design: Pauline Gourlet. Illustration for scenario cards: Samuel Huron. Concept: Yvonne Jansen, Pauline Gourlet, Samuel Huron, Uta Hinrichs, Trevor Hogan. See the related workshop report for how to use them.

Teaching Reports

A list of any form of report illustrating how a course or workshop was organized or what its outcomes are.

  • 2016 – [in French] Report of a 3-day workshop from March 29 to 31, 2016 at Stereolux and Fabmake in Nantes, France. It was organized by Stéphane Buellet (together with Julia Puyo) invited by Boris Letessier.
  • 2016 – A workshop report from the 2016 DRS conference which used a protocol that could also be applied in a class room. The workshop was run by Yvonne Jansen, Pauline Gourlet, Samuel Huron, Uta Hinrichs, Trevor Hogan.
  • 2016 – Not a real report but photos from the hands-on part of a 3h course given by Yvonne Jansen for students of the Creative Technology master at TU Twente in 2016.
  • 2014-2017 – Data Viz Experiments summarizing the outcomes of yearly projects by the Fine Arts Data Visualization Lab at the University of Lethbridge led by Leanne Elias and Denton Fredrickson.

Teaching Bibliography

Readings that can be useful for preparing lectures and activities around data physicalization, including states of the art and papers on teaching data physicalization.

For an extensive bibliography on data physicalization, refer to our Bibliography page.