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* Deborah Lupton.
:'''[ Feeling your data: Touch and making sense of personal digital data]'''
: New Media & Society. July 2017.
* Alberto Boem and Hiroo Iwata.
:'''[|"It’s It's like holding a human heart": the design of Vital + Morph, a shape-changing interface for remote monitoring.]'''
: AI & Society: Knowledge, Culture and Communication. 1435-5655.
: VIS 2013 - Posters of IEEE InfoVis.
 == Workshop submissions contributions ==
''' 2017 '''
* Rahul Bhargava and Catherine D’IgnazioD'Ignazio.
:'''[ Data Sculptures as a Playful and Low-Tech Introduction to Working with Data.]''''
:Extended Abstract for Workshop: Pedagogy & Physicalization: Designing Learning Activities around Physical Data Representations at Designing Interactive Systems Conference (DIS ’17). ACM, Edinburgh, United Kingdom.
:'''[ Data craft: integrating data into daily practices and shared reflections]'''
:Workshop 'Quantified Data & Social Relationships' at CHI 2017, Denver, United States.
''' 2016 '''
* Wesley Willett and Samuel Huron.
:'''[ A Constructive Classroom Exercise for Teaching InfoVis]'''
:Workshop 'Innovations in the Pedagogy of Data Visualization' at VIS 2016.
* Xin Chen, Jessica Zeitz Self, Leanna House, and Chris North
:'''[ Be the Data: A New Approach for Immersive Analytics]'''
:Workshop on Immersive Analytics at IEEE Virtual Reality 2016.
''' 2015 '''