This full-day workshop will provide a rich hands-on introduction to questions around the pedagogy of Physicalization. We will explore current research questions as well as approaches to engaging people into designing physical data representations, while critically reflecting on the role these choices play in a learning environment. Through documented hands-on explorations, we seek to engage participants from different backgrounds in critical discussions about the potential, advantages, and limitations of data physicalization in different learning contexts. We will facilitate three main activities:

9am – 10.30am Introduction and lightening talks

– Introduction and Overview of workshop (15-mins)
– Keynote speaker (
Sheelagh Carpendale) (30-mins)
– Lighting talks by participants, followed by Q&A (45-mins)

[Tea/Coffee break – 10.30am – 10.50am]

10.50am – 12noon Physicalization Warm up Activities 

– Exploring connections between research themes
– Exploring connections between workshop participants

[Lunch break – 12noon – 1pm]

1pm – 4.30pm Ideation, Design and Making

form groups, Introduce the format (activity cards, constraints)

– Part 1: 30min – Designing physicalizations using activity cards.
– Part 2: 30min – Presentation of physicalizations 
– Part 3: 30min – Extend activity cards for different audiences, learning scenarios

[Tea/Coffee break – 3pm to 3.30pm]

– Part 4: 30min Try other groups’ card
– Part 5: 30min Discussion on new cards/constraints

4.30pm – 5pm Reflection & Discussion

– In a participant-driven discussion, we will reflect on the outcomes of the workshop as well as discussing future plans and possible collaborations.