Trevor Hogan
Crawford College of Art and Design,

Trevor Hogan is a Lecturer in interactive digital media at Cork Institute of Technology, Ireland. The aim of his research is to describe and better understand how embodiment influences and augments an audience’s experience of data representations. His work is strongly interdisciplinary and may be situated in the field of interactive design, at the intersection of tangible computing, human-computer interaction, information science and psychology.

Eva Hornecker
Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

Eva Hornecker is a Professor in Human-Computer Interaction at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, Germany. Her research investigates user experience and social interactions with tangible and embodied interaction, and novel application areas for these interaction styles, such as public displays and museum installations. Her work is interdisciplinary and connects technology, social sciences, arts and design.

Simon Stusak
University of Munich (LMU)

Simon Stusak is a PhD candidate at the University of Munich (LMU) in the Human-Computer Interaction Group. In his thesis he explores the potential of physical visualizations, in particular how the physical modality influences the perception and recall of information. In general he is interested in the interplay between physical and traditional digital visualizations, their individual strengths and how they could complement one another.

Yvonne Jansen
University of Copenhagen

Yvonne Jansen is a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. Her research focuses on how people engage, perceive, and interact with data physicalizations, and on how to merge the benefits of physicality with the power of computation. Her work lies in the intersections between human computer interaction, information visualization, and psychology. She has previously co-organized workshops on similar topics at IEEE VIS’14 and ACM CHI’15.

Jason Alexander
Lancaster University
United Kingdom

Jason Alexander is a lecturer in Human-Computer Interaction at Lancaster University in the UK. His research focuses on developing the next generation of interaction techniques, with a particular interest in physical user interfaces and shape-changing displays. His recent work has developed novel display technology for data physicalization.

Andrew Vande Moere
KU Leuven

Andrew Vande Moere is an Associate Professor at the Department of Architecture of the KU Leuven university (Belgium), where he is also the co-director of the Research[x]Design (RxD) research group. By way of design-oriented research methods, he explores novel forms of data visualization that can be deployed outside of traditional computer or smartphone screens.

Uta Hinrichs
The University of St Andrews

Uta Hinrichs is a Lecturer at the University of St Andrews, Scotland in the SACHI research group. Her research is at the intersection of information visualization, HCI, design, and art. Her interdisciplinary work focuses on designing information visualizations and interaction techniques that facilitate the exploration and analysis of (cultural) data collections from scholarly, leisurely, and artistic point of views. As part of this she studies how people approach their explorations and how analysis processes unfold. Uta has recently developed an interest in introducing physicality into the representation of cultural collections to explore their unique material qualities of cultural collections.

Kieran Nolan
Dundalk Institute of Technology

Kieran Nolan is an artist-researcher exploring the connective and aesthetic properties of arcade videogame interfaces. He is Programme Director of the BA in Media Arts and Technologies at Dundalk Institute of Technology, Ireland and is studying towards a PhD in Digital Arts and Humanities with the GV2 Research Group at Trinity College, Dublin. Kieran’s research work has been published at conferences and exhibitions worldwide, including Vector Game Art and New Media Festival, The Science Gallery, Future and Reality of Gaming / F.R.O.G., International Symposium of Electronic Arts / ISEA, ZIL Cultural Centre, the A MAZE. International Independent Video Games Festival, Transmediale, and Art.CHI.