Enabling Spherical Vision

Author(s): Karen Bemis (1) , Alfie Abdul-Rahman (2), Min Chen (2), Saiful Khan (2), Eamonn Maguire (2), and Simon Walton (2)
Affiliation(s): (1) Rutgers University and (2) Oxford University


We envision the following grand challenge: To develop a technology that enables users to visualize a spherical and volumetric environment without using traditional display devices as a medium. This technology will of course be realized step-by-step, for example, (i) first enabling direct simulation of any part of the pathway between optical nerves and visual cortex, bypassing the eye; (ii) next facilitating perceptual formulation or cognitive reconstruction of a single flat image; (iii) then a spherical vision; and (iii) finally a volumetric vision.