Showing Important Facts to a Critical Audience by Means Beyond Desktop Computing

Author(s): Tim Lammarsch, Wolfgang Aigner, Silvia Miksch, and Alexander Rind
Affiliation(s): Vienna University of Technology


Recent research in Visualization has focused mostly on data analysis systems for domain experts, but also considered presentation to external people in the form of storytelling. The established directions assume that the target audience has in inherent interest in the facts to be discovered, sometimes even to the point of them being willing to learn how to operate a complex visualization system and spend considerable time and effort. In reality, sometimes the opposite is true: people unwilling to face an inconvenient truth actively avert their eyes. As a solution, we propose the presentation of facts by experts who manage to gain a limited amount of attention by means of rapid and expressive visualization. Using conventional desktop systems, this method is hard to implement, but new visual channels will open up new possibilities.