An Interaction Continuum for Visualization

Author(s): Tobias Isenberg
Affiliation(s): Inria


It is the year 2039, the desktop is not dead, and it does not look like this situation will change for a while. In any practical application domain in which data visualization is used, the desktop remains to be one of the most important tools for data exploration, analysis, and processing. Since the year 2014, non-desktop platforms for data exploration including large displays, immersive environments, tangible controls, and mobile devices have found their place for data visualization applications—but they have not and will not replace the desktop in many practically relevant tasks. Instead, researchers have finally begun to work toward an interactive visualization continuum that allows researchers and data analysts to transition between the different platforms and to use the tools for those tasks they support best: the desktop for in-depth, single-user analysis and novel platforms for group discussions, mobile data access, and/or good spatial perception.