2139: The Dynamic Data Tattoo: Data at your fingertips – or anywhere else on your body

Author(s): Petra Isenberg
Affiliation(s): Inria



In this electronic document, we present our latest results in regards to the development of the dynamic data tattoo. The dynamic data tattoo is a semi-permanent body modification made out of permanent data ink. The data ink can be placed on any part of the body and take on any color. It is connected through micro-particles to the typical internal and external body sensors people carry nowadays. Based on the data collected by the sensors and the representation information sent by the sensors, the ink changes color and can, thus, display any type of data and visualizations thereof. If no longer needed, the data tattoo can take on a person’s regular skin color and, thus, completely vanish. We show how one can program data tattoos through various body sensors, how to interact with them to modify the display, and also detail perceptional algorithms that ensure maximum perception quality, no matter where on the body the data tattoo is placed. Further experimental results prove how immediate access to one’s body sensor data (without the use of external devices) can result in dramatic increase in life satisfaction and we conclude with a report on success stories in the medical domain.


Paper submitted to VIS 2139. Full text pending science-crowd-assessment.