Submit Your Future

Submission phase I is finished and we compiled all scenario submissions to spark pre-conference discussions.

We are now in submission phase II: inspiring and preparing the hands-on part of the workshop.

If you missed the scenario deadline, this is your chance to participate – although the fast-forward session will be limited to the phase I scenarios.

If you sent a scenario, you can highlight here your key ideas or identify emerging research themes or research questions, or other ideas that you have.

We welcome different types of contributions:

  • late scenario: if you missed the phase I deadline, you can still submit a scenario using this category (although the fast-forward session will be limited to the phase I scenarios);
  •  statement: a broad category to capture for example possible research themes, emerging research questions, or predictions;
  • paper abstract: for ideas on possible papers that you might write in xx years;
  • sketch / mockup: for static visual material; and
  • video: for dynamic visual material.

Try to be concrete and to place your contribution in a timeframe in the future indicated in the title, e.g.:

2025 – Researchers at Oxford bypass the eye – stimulating neurons to communicate simple glyphs

In case of problems with the submission process or further questions, please contact Yvonne Jansen  <[mailcrypt email=””]>.

The submission form: