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2016 – Accomplishments


Accomplishments is an exploration of personal data tracking, wearable art, wearable technology, social media, and data physicalization. Each day accomplishments were tracked, first on paper then by sewing spheroid masses onto a dress worn for four months. By hand sewing each accomplishment onto this dress, they became a part of the wearer's physical presence and identity. The work juxtaposes the immediateness of social media posts, and the separate identity we create for ourselves online which is often detached from our physical presence. The work also spoke to the use of wearable technology and the ability to track daily steps, sleep, emotions and other personal information as a standard practice. This data is often shared publicly online, however, these devices often remain invisible by their small size, camouflaged as watches, necklaces or hidden in pockets.


  1. Michelle Sylvestre, Accomplishments.
  2. University of Lethbridge (2016) Artist wears her heart, and her accomplishments, on her sleeve.

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