List of Physical Visualizations
and Related Artifacts

2010 – Relational Ornaments: Networks Shown with Textile


Textile art based on the network maps of Valdis Krebs. 

Gundega Strautmane, a Latvian textile artist and designer, visualizes social and physical networks in a show called Relational Ornaments. The networks are created using various sized pins to depict nodes and threads connecting them to show relationships. Bringing visualization into the tactile world lends it a weight not able to be achieved on a computer screen. It allows the viewer to pause, spend time with the information, feel it, sense it in a more holistic way.

Source: Gundega Strautmane. Photos from Flickr and PInterest.


Added by: Jean-Daniel Fekete, sent by: Fanny Chevalier. Category: Passive physical visualization  Tags: network data, textile