List of Physical Visualizations
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2016 – Walkable Collaboration Network


Designer Dario Rodighiero created a large (15x15m) walkable visualization showing scientific relationships between researchers and laboratories at the ENAC school of EPFL in Switzerland. The visualization was printed on tarpaulin, a heavy covering employed for trucks.

Two years before, Dario created a coauthorship network visualization for the Digital Humanities 2014 conference. He initially considered showing a large poster, but since sticking posters was not allowed at the conference center, he decided to create a six-meter wide carpet instead.

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  1. Dario Rodighiero (2016) The world’s largest data visualization.
  2. Dario Rodighiero (2018) Printing Walkable Visualizations.
  3. Images from Dario Rodighiero's paper.

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