9.00am – 9.15am Welcome note & workshop introduction

9.15am – 9.25am Video Interview with Loren Madsen

9.25am – 10.10am Paper Session #1
Steffen Haesler: A Classification Schema for Data Physicalizations and a Carbon Footprint Physicalization
Mathieu Simon Le Goc: Embedded Personal Physicalizations

Lora Oehlberg: Encoding Data through Unusual Physical Properties
Aurélien Tabard: Variables for Unit based Data Physicalization

10.10am-10.35am Paper Session #2
Bridger Herman: Boxcars on Potatos: Exploring the Design Language for Tangible Visualizations on Scalar Data Field on 3D Surfaces
Beat Signer: Towards a Framework for Dynamic Data Physicalisation
Daniel F. Keefe: Orbacles
Jörn Hurtienne: Possibilities of Human Embodiment: 100% City
Christian Frisson: Haptics as a sustainable proxy for exploring design variables for data physicalization

10.35am-10.40am Hands-on activity teaser

10.40am-11am Coffee Break

11am-11.10am Full Introduction to Hands-on activity

11.10am-12.20pm Hands-on activity

12.20pm-12.40pm Discussion & warp-up