List of Physical Visualizations
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1968 – Jacques Bertin’s Reorderable Matrices


A device made by French cartographer Jacques Bertin for exploring tabular data, developed in the mid 1960s.

More photos on the aviz website, in the flickr photo set by Jean-Baptiste Labrune, and on Page 78 of Nathalie Henry's PhD dissertation. Also see this old educational video, Jean-Daniel Fekete's interview on Jacques Bertin by Enrico Bertini, our interview by Data Stories where we demo a simplified version of Bertin's matrix made by Innar Liiv, and the Web page of Bertifier.


  1. Jacques Bertin (1969) Graphique et mathématique : généralisation du traitement graphique de l'information.
  2. Jacques Bertin (1977) La graphique et le traitement graphique de l'information.
  3. Serge Bonnin (1998) Le développement de la graphique de 1967 à 1997.
  4. Gilles Palsky (2003) L'esprit des cartes, pp. 99-100.
  5. The left photo was taken during Jacques Bertin's 2005 interview by Jean-Daniel Fekete, Nathalie Henry and Jean-Baptiste Labrune.
  6. The right photo is from Bertin's book "la Graphique et le traitement graphique de l'information", captured from these slides by Torsten Möller.

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