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2019 – Data Beyond Vision: Physicalizing Bookshop Data

  Alternating rows of white and green 'lollipops' fade into the distance and out of focus, with the white data points noticeably larger in the foreground.  Folded origami model of a green cube intersecting a white octahedron covered with printed text.  A portion of a paper model against dark background with years printed on the base.A blue scarf-like weaving with alternating bands of varied threads.

[Data Beyond Vision] explores new ways of engaging with a dataset and the arguments and narratives behind it, in order to challenge the dominant paradigms of conventional screen-based data visualization. The project currently comprises:

  • 3D printing a model of library member activity over time from the Shakespeare and Company Project juxtaposing documented activities from two sets of archival materials
  • Folding paper forms of borrowing activity from the Shakespeare and Company Project surfacing the activity of women and and non-famous members
  • Weaving representing intertextuality based on references in Jacques Derrida’s de la Grammatologie from Derrida’s Margins

Images from left to right and top to bottom: (1) some of the data physicalizations designed in the course of the project; (2) lollipop chart of Shakespeare and Company membership; (3) unit origami volumetric representation of Shakespeare and Company membership; (4) folded model of Shakespeare and Company lending library membership activities; (5) weaving Derrida’s references.


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