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2010 – Quipu of the Periodic Table


As a result of bringing together each pair of periods in a single function or binod, the author has found a new regular on the subject, which has been defined as a new quantum number, since the number of orders or regulations binod growth elements in the table, under the appearance of pairs of new types of quantum structures or periods whose organization responds to a simple mathematical function: a parable of the type Y = 4 X ^ 2 - In this case report: a) That the strings correspond to pairs of periods or binod and knots are double for items with orbital s (in red), six nodes for p in orange, 10 yellow d knots and 14 knots for green f . b) That in each binod or rope, appear regularly in pairing mode or dual, new quantum or orbital structures, such as moving from within the orbital previous binod.

See also the entry on Peruvian Quipus, and all entries with the tag "periodic table" for historical examples of physical representations of the periodic table.


  1. Ing. Julio Antonio Gutiérrez Samanez (2010) Khipu de la tabla periodica de los elementos químicos.
  2. The internet database of periodic tables.

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