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== External Links ==
== External Links ==
* [http://dataphys.org/list List of physical visualizations]
* [http://dataphys.org/list List of physical visualizations] and related artifacts.

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A video featuring examples of data physicalizations.

Physical representations of data have existed for thousands of years. Now, with advances in digital fabrication, actuated tangible interfaces, and shape-changing displays, a new area of research is emerging: data physicalization.

Data physicalization aims to help people explore, understand, and communicate data using computer-supported physical data representations. We call these representations physicalizations, analogously to visualizations – their purely visual counterpart. This wiki provides reading material and a forum for all interested in this topic.

Content of this Wiki

  • People – List of people involved in data physicalization
  • Terminology – Terminology related to data physicalization
  • Bibliography – List of research papers on data physicalization
  • Technologies – Papers on enabling technologies for data physicalization
  • Workshops – Past and future workshops on data physicalization
  • Contribute – How to contribute to this wiki

External Links