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2018 – Harassment Plants

Physical glyphs in format of a plant that represent sexual harassment cases that happened in Açude Velho (Campina Grande, Brazil)  People looking at the Harassment Plants in Açude Velho

Harassment Plants is a situated physicalization exhibited in a Brazilian city to represent stories of harassment experienced by women in a public lakeside. Each vase represents a different category of harassment and contains glyphs that represent cases of harassment. The color in the middle of the vase corresponds to the type of harassment, which is also represented by the same color in one of the beads. Each glyph is composed of a rod — whose length represents the time of the day the harassment occurred — and a pendant with multiple beads — which correspond to the victim's reaction, the perceived age of the harasser, etc.

Source: Luiz Morais (2018) Harassment plants.

Added by: Luiz Morais. Category: Passive physical visualization  Tags: glyph, hand-made, plants, sexual harassment, situated