List of Physical Visualizations
and Related Artifacts

2014 – Sound Bites

Screenshot of a Sound Bite generated from sound   Photo of a 3D-printed Sound Bite Final exhibition of the Sound Bites cast in chocolate

Sound Bites is the result of an experimental design practice. Four days of 24/7 ambient sound recordings resulted in 128 4-second intimate sound loops. Fast Fourier Transform frequency analysis and geometrical operations transformed time, frequency, and amplitude into X, Y and Z dimensions, forming 3D sonic shapes. These ‘disco donuts’ were 3D printed into 128 sound objects. Vacuum molded they formed the base to cast 128 unique chocolate objects. New rhythmic patterns were created, comprising frozen moments in time.

Matter is energy. Objects are processes. Memories are expectations.

Source: Gerbrand van Melle and Stefan Marks