Call for Participation


In an age where data and their various representations proliferates many aspects of our professional and private lives, a new form of awareness and visual literacy is required that enables people to decipher, interpret, critically discuss and actively engage in activities around this public and/or personal data and its (visual) representations. Previous case studies have found Physicalization to be a productive way to introduce people of different ages, and with different backgrounds, to activities around data collection, processing, and representation.

This full-day workshop will provide a rich hands-on introduction to and reflection on questions around the pedagogy of Physicalization. We will explore current research questions, as well as approaches to engaging people into designing physical data representations, while critically reflecting on the role these choices play in a learning environment.
The aim of this workshop is to: (1) discuss different learning scenarios in which Physicalization activities can be beneficial, (2) explore different approaches on how to introduce Physicalization activities to different learning audiences, and (3) to build a community of researchers and practitioners interested in the pedagogical aspects of Physicalization.

We invite designers, educators, researchers and practitioners from all backgrounds to participate in our workshop, which will explore Physicalization as an activity to encourage active learning. Participants are invited to submit a 2-4 page position paper in ACM CHI Extended Abstract Format to by 27 April 2017 5th May 2017. Toptics can include, but are not limited to, participants’ research or practical experience with applying Physicalization in educational and/or workshop scenarios from a teaching and/or methodological point of view.

We have extended the CfP to Friday 5th May 2017, for those who which to submit we would be greatful if you send an expression of interest via email to

Submissions will be peer reviewed by an interdisciplinary review-committee. At least one author of each accepted position paper must attend the workshop.

To register for the confernece and our workshop please go to